Finding South Carolina Ancestors by Jeannette Holland Austin

Anyone who researches South Carolina records looking for immigrants is usually disappointed. That is because many of these records were either lost or have not been transcribed. The answer to go to the Federal Archives and see what they have there. We can follow the migratory patterns of the first settlers, especially groups like Irish, Scottish, Hugenots, Germans, Swiss and Welsh settlers and then zero in on the counties where they generally settled. For example, Scotch-Irish immigrants settled in Chester and Newberry Counties; Germans in Newberry and Charleston Counties, while the Huguenots settled around Charleston and its sea-coast. In 1663 large land grants were given to eight favorite lords of King Charles (II). They were called Lords Proprietors (Search SC Archives under this topic). It was Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper who started a settlement at Albemarle Point in 1670. Charleston was settled about that time and the records seem to be intact, beginning ca 1680. Many of Charleston's wills were extracted and are available at most regional libraries where they have a genealogy section. Another excellent source of discovery are State Records as they sometimes mention incoming vessels requesting permission to land, etc. Finding the immigrants is just a

Jeannette Holland Austin, Georgia Author of Genealogy Books

Georgia County Records (digital images) wills, estates, marriages

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