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New Additions to Georgia Pioneers | Georgia Pioneers website

Georgia Will Images Chatham County: LWT of Levi Sheftall, Chatham Co.

Columbia County: LWT of Mann Sims (1873).

Effingham County: Saltzburger Marriages 1754-1778, New Jerusalem Church; Saltzburger Births/Baptisms, 1756-1787, New Jerusalem Church.

Emanuel County: LWT of Nathan Roberts (1828); LWT of Stephen Sison.

Fulton County: Isaac Rosser estate (1864).

Hancock County: LWT of Henry Rudisell (1807); LWT of Henry Rudisell (1850); LWT of John Rudisell (1804).

Jackson County Wills 1802-1860. The county was taken from Franklin County where many Revolutionary War Soldiers were given land grants, so you will find transactions of Franklin residents included in Jackson County.

Rockdale County Wills 1914-1923 (first surviving will book). Many residents of DeKalb, Henry and Fulton Counties are found here.

Thomas County: Martha Roddenberry estate (1897); Robert Roddenbury estate (1849); esate of Martha Roddenberry (1906).

Warren County: Thomas Rivers LWT (1847) transcript; estate of James Beasley Sr.; John Chaffin estate; Jesse Cook orphans; James Vann estate.

Georgia Genealogies - Ammons of NC and Crawford & Bibb Counties.
New Additions to North Carolina Pioneers | North Carolina Pioneers website

Wills & Estates (images):
Rowan County: Alexander Reid LWT (1775); Samuel Reid LWT (1784).
George Rutledge LWT (1850)
Mecklenburg County: Charles Polk LWT (1820); Mary Rivers LWT (1803); John Rivers LWT (1779); Joseph Swann LWT (1829).

New Additions to South Carolina Pioneers | South Carolina Pioneers website

South Carolina Wills (images)
Colleton County - Alexander Shaw LWT (1765).
Fairfield County - Francis Kirkland LWT (1790); Henry Robertson LWT (1791)
Granville County- LWT of Robert Thorpe (1741); LWT of Edward Kirkland (1770). Pendleton District - Henry Butch estate (1823); Andrew Liddell LWT (1820); Moses Liddell LWT (1802); Hugh Rogers LWT (1801).

South Carolina D. A. R. Applications (images)
William Anderson, Chester Co.; Ann Hawks Hay; William Holland (multiple applicants); Henry Jones; John Major; John McMichael; Lilliston Pardue; Henry Robertson; George Roddenberry, Barnwell District; David Sadler (to 1740).

Virginia Pioneers
Virginia DAR Applications
Devereaux Gilliam; William Hamilton; Esais Harbour (5 applications); Edward Herndon; James Hunt; Judkins Hunt; George Lavender; Isaac Lowe; Dickerson Lumpkin; James Malcolm (5 applicants); Thomas Maxwell (2 applicants); Samuel Middleton; William Mitchell; Levi Phillips; William Rucker (5 applicants); John Statham (3 applicants); Dozier Thornton; Daniel Tucker; William Tyler (2 applicants); Robert Ware (traced to 1596).

Virginia Wills & Estates
Augusta County - LWT of John Macky, 1773; Thomas Millsaps, 1769
Botetourt County - LWT of James McCoy, 1780; John McCoy, 1779
Brunswick County - LWT of Hugh Love, 1780
Cumberland County - LWT of Sarah Spears (1812); LWT of William Spear (1796); LWT of James Taylor (1779).
Fairfax County - LWT of Thomas Lucas (1791), transcript; LWT of Thomas Lucas (1791), transcript; LWT of Michael Reagan (1750), image; LWT of Michael Reagon (1773) image; LWT of Gilbert Simpson (1773), image.
Frederick County - LWT of Robert McKee, LWT of Henry H. Crumbs (1776), LWT of John Denton (1767), LWT of John Reagan (1775), all images
Goochland County - LWT of John Bostick, 1749; Peter Chastain, 1728; Stephen Clement, 1745; Matthew Hutcherson, 1749; inv. of Constantine Perkins, 1860
Halifax County - LWT of Charles Bostick (1781); LWT of John Bostick (1795); LWT of Moses Bostick (1786); estate of Joseph Ligon (1786); LWT of James Taylor (1768).
Hanover County - LWT of Nicholas Meriwether, 1744; John Walton
Henrico County - LWT of Abraham Michaux, 1717; LWT of Nicholas Perkins, 1711, transcript
Isle of Wight County - Estate of Edward Brantley, 1739; John Gent, 1728; LWT of Elijah Holland, 1857; LWT of Job Holland, 1789; John Rows, 1734; John Sugars (1726), transcript.
Lancaster County, LWT of Hannah Ball, 1694; inv. estate of Thomas Cheatwood, 1678; LWT of Thomas Haynes, 1679; LWT of James Pinckard, LWT 1751; LWT of Mary Pinckard (image) 1749
Princess Anne County, LWT of James Haynes, 1726; LWT of Enoch Haynes, 1753; LWT of William Jackie, 1795; LWT of Jonathan Mackey, 1795
Shenandoah County - LWT of George Mackie, 1797; LWT of James McKay, 1797
Southampton County - Estate of William Clegg, 1780; LWT of Joseph Mackey, 1779

Genealogies - Tucker of VA, NC & GA, traced to ca 1589, 11 pp; Wade of Halifax and Pittsylvania Counties, includes plats of David and Edward Wade and Wade gedcom file
New Genealogy Books Added | Genealogy-Books Website

Books Added - A History of the Moravian by Joseph Edmund Hutton
A Short History of Scotland by Andrew Lang
A Sketch of the History of Oneonta by Dudley M. Campbell
American Prisoners of the Revolution By Danske Dandridge
American Merchant Ships and Sailors by WIllis J. Abbot
An Account of Sa-Go-Ye-Wat-Ha, or Red Jacket, and His People, 1750-1830 by John Niles Hubbard
An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800 By Mary Frances Cusack
Charter and Supplemental Charter of the Judon's Bay Company by Hudson Bay Company
Chesterfield's Letters by Lord Chesterfield. Letters, Sentences and Maxims. Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield, 1694-1773, had a fate generally misunderstood. Dr. Johnson, a poor scholar but in the prime of life, seems to have mistaken a delay in an interview, and to have abused his lordship very soundly ever afterward. To this misconception we owe one of the finest and manliest letters ever written. Mrs. Eugenia Stanhope, the widow of the recipient of these letters, sold them, enhanced in value from the earl's literary reputation, for 1,500 pounds! That was an immense sum in those days. Published 1894 in Philadelphia, 307 pp., indexed. A rare find indeed!
First Whiteman of the West: Daniel Boone
The Annual Monitor for 1851, or Obituary of the members of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and Ireland, for the year 1850
History of England from the Norman Conquest to the Death of John 1066-1216
History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan
Hochelagans and Mohawks: A Link in Iroquois History by W. D. Lighthall
Lewis and Clark
Legends, Traditions and Laws of the Iroquois, or Six Nations, and History of Tuscarora Indian by Elias Johnson
Pioneers of the Old South, A Chronicle of English Colonial Beginnings by Mary Johnson
The Days of Bruce: A Story from Scottish History, Vol. I by Grace Aguilar
The History of England from the First Invasion by the Romans to the Accession of King George the Fifth by Hilaire Belloc
The Jesuits in North America in the Seventeenth Century by Francis Parkman
The Magna Carta By Unknown Author
The Manual of Heraldry. Unknown author. 5th Edition
The Minute Boys of the Mohawk Valley by James Otis The Oregon Trail: sketches of prairie and Rocky-Mountain life by Francis Parkman
Victoria. Queen and Empress by Robert C. V. Meyers

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GRAVES. I am researching early Georgia to discover more about the Graves family. My gg grandfather was George Graves who married Lulender Gunn in 1840 in Warren County, Georgia. I can't find George's parents. There was a Thomas Graves Sr b 1729 Lower Potomack Hundred, Maryland. He and sons are listed on the 1790 Franklin County Census. I can't connect any of them to George Graves yet. One thing I know, is that Dr. George Graves who married Mary Scott June 26 1790 in Augusta, Georgia is not the father of my George Graves. My George Graves and wife moved west through Alabama, Mississippi, and settled in Wood County, Texas 1854-1858, where they are listed on the 1860 census. I am aware of a Graves family in Muscogee County Georgia and wonder if they are related to my George Graves? Eddie Graves, Wichita Falls, Texas.