Historical Information on Genealogy Websites by Jeannette Holland Austin

If you are a historian searching for fresh material, genealogy websites are an excellent source. People make history and their stories are told in the genealogies of persons who spend years searching minute details and weaving the families into aspects of American history. Also available is a good cross-sectiion of factual data, such as Revolutionary War Pensions and Civil War Muster Rolls which provide the details of battles and service. When the genealogist puts together the family unit within any given era, he (or she) documents another human being who lived the history of his times in the best fashion possible. History books contain scant material on the intimate facts of battles, wars and the struggles of pioneering. Our ancestors built towns and communities in the backwoods of America and set the stage for better times. Every genealogist contributes these minute facts to an intricately truthful past. The blogs listed below contain historical data surrounding regions and families; also includes photographs. If you have not signed in, now is a good time.

Jeannette Holland Austin, Georgia Author of Genealogy Books

Georgia County Records (digital images) wills, estates, marriages

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