Stitches in Time by Jeannette Holland Austin

Think of the past, present and future as being woven into a multi-colored quilt using fine threads. The threads represent the contributions made from the past days of our ancestors to the threads of our own daily lives. The present dimensions of the quilt are not yet defined, but we are beginning to see stitched into the quilt tiny threads of the future. This future can become very beautiful. It all depends upon our personal stitches, the colors we use and the direction we take. Our input is tiny right now...but our daily actions are adding up the scores. Everyone cannot visualize such a blanket because they are preoccupied, so we must refresh them with the good stories of our ancestor's who shaped the future of the blanket up to our day. We tell the tales, compare photographs of relatives, examine likenesses, and so on. We don't want our little ones to forget us. Our children love to hear stories about relatives. This is where the labors of the family historian and genealogist is so important to everyone's memory of the past and threads for the future. I don't think that the world realizes how much is owed to such labors of love. Most of us would love to have photographs of the old family patriarchs. Hopefully, some of these old pictures will get posted onto the internet. I started a collection on Remember Me. If anyone wishes to share, I will be happy to post it.

Jeannette Holland Austin, Georgia Author of Genealogy Books

Georgia County Records (digital images) wills, estates, marriages

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