Georgia School Graduates By Jeannette Holland Austin

By Jeannette Holland Austin Did you know that many of the earliest Georgians were graduates of local academies and colleges? Those who planned to practice medicine attended the Medical College of Georgia and those who sought the law, attended Franklin College (now University of Georgia) or out of State colleges. The first female college in Georgia was created in 1836, called Wesleyan Female College, and was located in Macon. My great-great grandmother, Jane (Jennie) Smith, daughter of Davis and Elizabeth Smith, was one of its first pupils. She studied music and liberal arts, which is what women did in those days. Later, she sent her daughter, Lizzie Smith Chambliss, and then Lizzie sent my grandmother, Mary Brent Chambliss. At some point, about mid 1800's the Georgia newspaper began publishing the names of graduating classes, their accomplishments and photographs. These unique photos and accomplishments included grammar schools, academies and colleges. One of the special collections of is a database of Georgia graduates from about 1818 to 1925. It includes class photos, as well as notes of special accomplishment and is easy to use because it is alphabetical by surname. GA Graduates

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Georgia County Records (digital images) wills, estates, marriages

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