How Old Photos Help Find Ancestors By Jeannette Holland Austin

Remember Me Everyone has a drawer full of old photos of relatives. If only we could identify some of those! I recently found a postcard photo with the wards Edgar Chambliss . The quest was to determine whether or not this was one of my great uncles. He would have had to have been around 1895. The postcard depicted a boy wearing a cap and coat typical of about 1910 to 1920. He looked to be about 15 years of age. That fit. Next, there was a photograph of a woman designed Mrs. Edgar Chambliss . Was this Edgar s wife? She wore her hair in a pompadour which was fashionable late 1880 s to about 1920. She wore an ordinary highneck blouse with a small puffed sleeve which I guessed to have dated after 1900 and she looked to be about 20 years of age. This also fit. We really need to examine the old photos and try to identify relatives by pinpointing dress styles during various ers. Compare the wardrobe of the persons you can identify with the ones which you cannot. Also, examine the faces. Do they resemble other relatives. Look at the spacing of the eyes, the nose and ears. I found a tintype which I discovered was a younger version of my 2nd great grandfather. I had the older version. All that I did was make a photo of it and trace around the face. This eliminated the jowls and other age marks. In other words, remember aging lines and them examine it. Don't forget the hairline.

Jeannette Holland Austin, Georgia Author of Genealogy Books

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