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A Farm in Charing

Charing Farm of Gerald Stucki Charing Farm of Gerald Stucki Charing Farm of Gerald Stucki

Map of Taylor County

Taylor County Wills, Estates, Marriages

Taylor County Court House

Taylor County was created in 1852 from Macon, Marion and Talbot Counties. Earliest settlers were: Charles, Thomas and Jesse Amerson, Samuel Corbin, Z. L. Cox, C. T. Cooper, Micajah Blow, Thomas R. Dupree, W. T. Edwards, A. J. Fountain, Bartlett McCrary and Theo McGee.

Taylor County Databases Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers


  • Taylor County Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886.

Digital Images of Taylor County Wills

  • Dodge, Thomas
  • Duncan, James
  • Edwards, William
  • Grant, Susannah
  • Law or Low, William
  • Miller, William
  • Swift, Alexander
  • Walker, Hannah
  • Walker, Person
  • Wilson, Joshua

Index to Probate Records

  • Will Bk A, 1853-1917. A - L.
  • Will Bk A, 1853-1917. M - Z.
  • Index of Taylor County Wills (Transcribed).
  • Wills 1853-1917
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