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Names of Families in Pierce County Wills and Estates

Pierce Countye Pierce County was created on December 18, 1857 from Appling and Ware Counties. Georgia's 120th county was named for President Franklin Pierce (1804-1869), whose term as fourteenth president had ended earlier that year. Portions of Pierce County were used to create Bacon County (1914) and Brantley County (1920).

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Down to the Lowest Class of Domestics

CharlemagneThe rudeness of the conquering races regarding meals is shown by the manner in which the table of Charlemagne was served. The Emperor dined at midday alone. The Dukes and Princes waited on him and dined at the same table when he was done. They were succeeded by the Counts and high functionaries, who were waited on and replaced by the military suites, and so on through several gradations down to the lowest class of domestics, whose turn seldom arrived before midnight.


Digital Images of Pierce County Wills.

Testators: Georgia Day, Luther Greenleaf, A. C. White, Cader Powell, George Robertson, James Thomas, Josiah Peeples, Lymus Murdock, Marlin Sweat.

Map of Pierce County

Pierce County Court House