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Montgomery County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

Images of Montgomery County Wills 1843-1863

Adams, Nathaniel;Cheney, James;Gillis, Roderick;Grimes, Hiram; Hamilton, Marissa;Hughes, Mary;McArthur, John;McIntire, Daniel; McIntire, Lucy;McMillan, Angus;McMillan, Archibald;McRae, John; Miller, Isabella;Miller, John Sr.;Phillips, Lucinda;Ryals, John B.;Ryals, Joseph;Smith, David;Troup, Robert;Wall, William D.

Montgomery County Wills 1808-1863 (abstracts)

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Index to Montgomery County Court of Ordinary Minutes 1837-1862.
  • Index to Montgomery County Minutes 1809-1818.
  • Index to Montgomery County Minutes 1809-1862.
  • Index to Montgomery County Minutes 1820-1846.
  • Index to Montgomery County Minutes 1821-1837.
  • Index to Montgomery County Inventories, Bk B, 1874-1906.


  • 1807-1850

Miscellaneous Records

  • Morrison, Elizabeth, estate (Digital Image).
  • Peterson, Alexander, estate (Digital Image).
  • Ryals, Joshua, estate (Digital Image).


  • 1805 Montgomery County Map

Tax Digests

  • Montgomery County 1811 Tax Digest.
  • Montgomery County 1794 Jury List.

Traced Genealogies:
Montgomery County Families

Conner Curls Warren

Wilson Conner

Grave of Wilson Conner Seminole War Wilson Conner of Maryland was a Revolutionary War Soldier and also fought as a private in Florida during the War of 1812. After the war, he removed from South Carolina to Montgomery County, Georgia and his grave was marked by the DAR in the Dead River Cemetery in Uvalda. The incentive to serve in the War of 1812 was for acreage in Georgia, for the service of five years. The war in Florida involved the Seminole Indians from ca 1816 to 1819. It started with the excursions of General Andrew Jackson into West Florida and Spanish Florida and ended when the Spanish Crown agreed to cede Fkiruda to the United States in 1819. Later, the Treaty of Moultrie Creek of 1823 required the Seminoles to leave north Florida and be confined on a large reservation in the center of the Florida peninsula. Daniel Bonnell was Executed for Robbery Tales of Woe "Light Horse" Harry Lee died at Dungeness The Case of Hog Smith The Romance of John Wesley Thomas Jones of Wales Capt. John Collins of Acworth William Few Peter Gruber and Neighs Forced out of Austria There were Two Margaret Hollands Dr. N. G. Long He Came Over in a Barrel The Heartbreak of George A. Benson of Lawrenceville The Old Woman and Toccoa Falls They Traveled Far in Search of a Home The Enduring Escapades of Thomas Ramsey Major James Hicks Jeremiah Lamar The Flemings of Sunbury Lorenzo Dow Smith The Sad Tale of Every Cemetery Swedish Soprano If Only I Could Tell My Grandmother the Rest of the Story Grannie Stories told over Chicken Every Sunday Anthony Bonnell Old Dan Tucker

Montgomery County

Montgomery County

Online Images of Old Wills and Estates

Names of Families in Montgomery County Wills, Estates, Tax Digests

Montgomery County Montgomery County was created from Washington County by an Act of the General Assembly approved Dec. 19, 1793 and was named after General Richard Montgomery (1736-1776) of the Continental Army, who was mortally wounded on Dec. 31, 1775 during the Battle of Quebec. Portions of Montgomery County were used to create the following counties: Tattnall (1801), Emanuel (1812), Dodge (1870), Toombs (1905), Wheeler (1912), and Treutlen (1918). The first court was held at the residence of William Neal until a courthouse and jail could be erected. An act of Feb. 8, 1797 provided that the courthouse, jail, and other county business be held at the plantation of Arthur Lott, which was designated the county seat of Montgomery County. Research Emanuel County with Montgomery County.

Montgomery County

Montgomery County Court House