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Laurens County Georgia Genealogy Records Available to Members

Images of Laurens County Wills 1809-1840

Testators: Albritton, Averilla
Allen, Bryant
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Rachel
Anderson, Henry
Askew, Frederick
Bacon, Jonathan
Barlow, Mary
Beaty, Mary
Beddiingfield, Solomon
Blackshear, Elijah
Blackshear, Joseph
Carey, Jesse
Coates, John
Coats, Robert
Coleman, Theophilis
Collier, John
Collier, Thomas
Cook, Thomas
Culpepper, Sampson
Daniel, Benjamin
Daniel, Lucretia
Darsey, Benjamin
Duncan, Ellis
Duncan, Thomas
Farmer, Thomas
Fullwood, John
Gibbons, Ann
Goodman, Henry
Hampton, Andrew
Hester, Rebecca
Hollinsworth, George
Holly, Jonathan
Hudson, John
Joiner, Burwell
Joiner, Jesse
Jones, Adam
Jones, Jonathan
Kirkland, Samuel
Lily, Edward
Livingston, John
Livingston, Joseph
Long, Nicholas
McBane, John
McCall, Elizabeth Mary Ann
McCormick, Elizabeth
Maddux, Alexander
Manning, Willaby
Mannon, John
Montford, Thomas
Moore, Sinthy
O'Neal, William
Oliver, William
Oliver, William (2)
Payne, George
Philips, Gabriel
Philips, Mark
Pope, Fleet
Pullen, Thomas
Ramsey, Benjamin
Roberts, Frederick
Rowland, John
Royals, Sophiah
Smith, Bennet
Smith, Isham
Solomon, Willis
Sparks, Samuel
Spear, David
Spivey, Gideon
Spivey, Jethro
Steward, John
Todd, John
Usery, Elizabeth
Weaver, Jethro
Whitehead, Reason
Whitehead, William
Woodward, Young
Young, Oren
  • Index to Laurens County Wills, Vol. I, 1809-1840.
  • Index to Laurens County Wills, Vol. 2, 1840-1868.
  • Anderson, Henry, LWT, Vol. 2, 1840-1868.
  • Dixon, George, LWT, Vol. 2, 1840-1868.
  • Smith, Bennet, LWT, Vol. 2, 1840-1868.
  • Smith, Isham, LWT, Vol. 2, 1840-1868.
  • Smith, Mourning, LWT, Vol. 2, 1840-1868.
  • Laurens County Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886.

    Traced Genealogies:
    Laurens County Families

    Blackshear Register

    Map of Laurens County Georgia

    5105 7th Avenue

    Oconee River

    Laurens County Court House
  • Names of Families in Laurens County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Marriages

    Dublin, Georgia

    Laurens County was created in 1807 from an Act of the General Assembly and was named for Laurens of Revolutionary fame, a native of South Carolina of Huguenot ancestry, an aide to General Washington. The first county seat was Sumpterville, later Dublin. The first grand jurors were: Benjamin Adams, Benjamin Brown, William Boykin, Robert Daniel, Joseph Denson, Benjamin Dorsey, Simon Fowler, Henry Fulgham, John Gilbert, Thomas Gilbert, Leonard Green, Edward Hagan, Andrew Hampton, Charles Higdon, Mark May, Gideon Mays, George Martin, William McCall, Charles Stringer, John Speight, James Sartin, Jesse Stephens, Samuel Stanley, Samuel Sparks, George Tarvin, Joseph Vickers, Jesse Wiggins, Nathan Weaver, David Watson, Joseph Yarbrough. Research Baldwin and Wilkinson Counties.

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