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The Plantation Journal of Seaborn Hawks

colonial nails Seaborn Hawks kept a daily journal for his plantation in Jasper County. In addition to an inventory of medicines such as laudnum, he also maintained a list of eight or more paid workers and the amounts. On February 13, 1855 he noted that it was a rainy day and night. On February 17th he nearly finished planting cotton and nine lambs were sheared. That season he also planted corn along the creek field and elsewhere, sending 9 bushes to the mill. It appears that he had about 500 acres of land, also a number of slaves. Records were always kept on the plantation including such items as promissory notes given by neighbors, money borrowed for crops, expenses of equipment and repairs, and so on. The more costly items were exported from England. When buildings were torn down, lumber was stacked in a heap and inventoried. Also, items such as nails and windows. Croppers shipped goods to Augusta, Savannah and Charleston. This journal is available to members of in the Genealogy VaultEudora Plantations Old Fairfield Plantation Ockstead and Bathurst Plantations When Families Left the Plantation Fitzgerald Plantation. How Quickly the Past is Swept Away White Hall Plantation Jarrell Plantation Davis Smith Plantation Meadow Garden, Home of George Walton Berckman Plantation in Augusta

Ft. Defiance and Camp Hope on the Georgia Frontier

The conflict of Georgia during the War of 1812 was a Naval one. Ft. Morris at Sunbury was regenerated to protect the coast from British invasion, but it was a poor one. Initially a resort town date from the 1740s, Sunbury suffered a hurricane ca 1800 which devastated the town. The other important site was a fort at St. Marys designed to prevent the British who had conquered St. Catherines Island, from seizing the coast. The British ultimately one, and continued the fight until about 1816, because they were unaware that the conflict had ended.

Meanwhile, Georgia was engaged in a devastating Creek war. This was the war which Andrew Jackson fought against the "Red Sticks" (creeks) in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, with the final battle in Ft. Mims, Alabama in August of 1814, ending the war. Morgan County was the frontier. There were several forts involved. On the edge of Jasper County and near the frontier was Ft. Defiance. A temporary camp to train 36,000 volunteers was Camp Hope (sometimes called Ft. Hope) which was located on Georgia Highway 49 near the Bibb and Jones Counties line near Fort Hawkins. To determine what activity one's ancestor had in this fight, one should follow the officers. In the War of 1812 records I found my ancester as follows: "William Holland, Morgan frontier Feb 13, 1813. Captain William Barton. Last muster Feb 11, 1814." Fort Hollingsworth Fort Oglethorpe

Creek Nation The Creek Nation was divided into two groups. (1) The Upper Creeks who occupied territory along the Coosa, Alabama, and Tallapoosa rivers in central Alabama. (2)The Lower Creeks who occupied the areas along the lower Chattahoochee, Ocmulgee and Flint rivers in southwestern Georgia. Because the Creek War involved Alabama, Mississippi and New Orleans, the quest here is to follow Captain William Barton to determine if he fought in Alabama, or particularly at the Calabee Creek. The volunteer militia's of Georgia, Tennessee, and the Mississippi Territory bore the brunt of the Creek War. Augmenting them were two regiments of regulars, the 3d and the 39th U.S. Infantry and some friendly Choctaws, Cherokees and Creeks who also played a role. The greatest handicap posed by the militiamen was their frequent unwillingness to serve for longer than their initial term of enlistment,which was often six months and sometimes less. Short-term enlistments became serious obstacles since the tasks of raising, organizing and moving a force into the Red Stick territory. The last offensive of the Georgia Militia was the battle of Calabee Creek when the chiefs attacked Fort Mims during August of Alabama. Thus, the Treaty of Fort Jackson ended however, word not reaching Georgia until September 16, 1814. William Holland first came in Georgia in 1812, apparently as part of a Virginia regiment from Nansemond County destined for the Georgia frontier to fight Indians, his record reflected that he was being trained at Camp Hope in 1813, but mustered out during February of 1814. It would appear that he did not have action Alabama, nor re-enlist. Captain James Barton must have joined the Tennessee militias, because he was listed as being Captain of the First Rigle Regiment of Lt. Colonel George W. Sevier on January 24, 1814.


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The Red Stick Warriors

The estimated deaths of the combined U. S. forces is 575, while about 1600 Red Stick warriors died. During the battles, many Indian civilians died of starvation or disease brought on by the loss of their homes in winter. While some Creeks moved westward or into Florida after 1814, most of them remained on their territory until 1832 when the Treaty of Cusseta transferred the ownership of Creek lands from the tribe to individual Indians. Actually, the sales by owners of individual allotments to white settlers and landspeculators, as well as illegal encroachment, caused continued friction and eventually sparked the Second Creek War of 1836. Finally, all of the remaining Creeks were forced to emigrate to west of the Mississippi River. While the War of 1812 pensions provide very little information, it behooves the genealogist and historian to delve deeper into the conflicts of the Creek wars.

Monticello, Georgia

Monticello, Georgia

Jasper County Court House
Jasper County Court House.

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How Folklore Helps Find Ancestors

gold-panning Everyone loves a good story. Folklore is interesting because it speaks to certain events and family traditions. We should listen to it, because of its clues pertaining to relatives in foreign lands and the superstitions, arts, and humanism which they embraced. In other words, one might locate the original family seat by observing the practises and skills which were brought with immigrants to America from certain parts of the world. As in the mining of ores such as silver, gold and other minerals. For example, if someone said to me that that the family tree had a coal-miner, my first thought would be to search in West Virginia. If they drew in the 1832 Georgia Gold Land Lottery, I would search the records in Cherokee, Lumpkin and Carroll Counties. The same is true of railroad builders and the dates and places where rails were being laid before and after the Civil War. And so on. In so many respects, the countryside should be remembered for its contribution to civilization and studied to locate more clues as to the origins of the ancestors.

The Battle of the Pen

QuillThere were a number of Indian Wars and skirmishes in America, as well as the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and the War with Mexico. Do you know your history? If you read history books in school, you do not. The real answers come from researching the movements of American ancestors as they settled upon the vast virgin wilderness. For years after the end of the Civil War, a magazine was published detailing the events of each battle, which included the names of regiments, companies, officers and privates as they fought certain battles. In other words, the northern officers and southern officers wrote vivid details concerning their participation in each battle of the war. The stories often conflicted, however, in the end, the South won the "Battle of the Pen." Perhaps it was this literary accomplishment which boosted the morale of the defeated South, devastated and lying in waste all through the Reconstruction period and through the depression of the 1930s. Fort McAllister during the Civil War Spencer Repeating Rifle What Northerners Thought of Southerners in 1864 He was so Near to Me ... Where to Find the Forgotten Heroes in your Family Search for the Confederate Supply Train The Evacuation of Atlanta Lots of Paulding County Boys Fought for the Confederacy Returning from War to Clinton, Georgia The Battle of Chickamauga as Told by a Union Soldier The Night Jefferson Spent under an Oak Tree

Creek Indians Steal Everything and Drive Family into Alabama

Trader's Hill Georgia, Jasper County, Court of Ordinary, July Term of 1823. "Personally appeared before us, Tandy Walker, who, being duly sworn in open court saith that in the year of 1791 and in subsequent years has mentioned the following property was stolen from deponent by the Creek Idians." A 1791 and 1796 claim."Further, Alabama, Dallas County, personally appeared in open court Tandy Walker and saith that in 1791 a party of Indians belonging to the Creek Nation stole horses, etc. and further this deponent saith that he was a citizen of the State of Georgia living near Traders Hill on the St. Marys River at the time; a citizen of Glynn County on the Altamaha River." 20 January 1823. Tandy Walker, when he was named as the executor of the Last Will and Testament of William Walker, stated again that in 1791 Indians stole his property, as well as that of his father, while he was a resident of Georgia living ner Traders Hill on the Northside of the St. Marys River.

Find the Old Family Homeplace

Find the Old Family Homeplace

Jasper County Map

Jasper County

Jasper County Wills, Estates, Annual Returns, Vouchers, Marriages

Monticello, Georgia Baldwin, Butts, Putnam and Morgan County records should also be researched by genealogists. The earliest settlers were: Seymour Byrom, Moses Duff, William Deal, Radford Ellis, Robert Estes, Ira Foreman, John Freeman, Stewart Owens, James Patrick, John Parks, William Vardeman and Joseph White. Jasper was first Old Randolph County. Jasper County was created in 1807 from Baldwin County and called Randolph County. The present-day Randolph County was created on December 20, 1828. Part of Jasper was given to Morgan in 1815 and part to Newton in 1821. The name was changed December 10, 1812 to Jasper County and named in honor of William Jasper, an officer in Colonel William Moultrie's Second South Carolina Infantry, 1775. The county seat is Monticello.

Jasper County Records Available to members of Georgia Pioneers

Note: Most of the Jasper County wills and estates are not indexed. Except for this publication, you would have to go page-by-page to know if your ancestors were there:

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, 1813-1820.
  • Wills 1815-1820.
  • Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, 1797-1819.

Images of Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, Book C, 1797 to 1819

Testators: Appling, Otho ; Bryers, Laurence ; Buis, John ; Butler, Thomas; Chapman, Edmond ; Doggett, John ; Ellis, Radford ; Hadley, Thomas ; Heard, Thomas ; Hill, William ; Hills, Theophilus ; Huff, Thomas ; Jackson, John ; Jones, Hugh ; Lasseter, Charles; Loyd,Thomas ; Mapp, Jeremiah ; McMichel, William ; Messer, Joseph ; Moses, John ; Mullins, Timothy ; Nall, Nathan ; Paschal, Samuel ; Pinson, James ; Ramsey, Alexander; Ray, Solomon ; Shuffield, Barnaby ; Weathersby, Owen ; White, Samuel ; Wise,Patton

Images of Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, Book 9, 1828 to 1829

Testators, estates: Cornwell, Elijah; Deadwilder, Eve; Grimmett, Sarah; Harris, James, minor; Higginbotham, Jacob; Holland, Lewis C., guardian of wife, Lavisa; McDaniel, Yancey; McMurray, John; Meriwether, Thomas; Purifoy, Arrington

Images of Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, Book 1, 1813 to 1817

Testators: Fitzpatrick, William ; Ivie, Lott ; Laws, Martin ; Mayo, Nancy ; McAfee, Green ; McMichael, William; Phillips, Isaac ; Powell, William ; Waits, John: Wise, Barney

Images of ills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, Book 2, 1813 to 1820

Testators: Anthony, James ; Bass, Allen ; Brown, Leyman ; Bryers, Lowrance ; Bullard, Wiley ; Byrom, Seymour ; Cassels, John ; Cole, Rene ; Dennis, Jesse ; Estes, Robert ; Freeman, John ; Graham, James ; Greer, Aaron ; Hodge, William ; Kendrick, Shelldrake ; Lanier, William ; Lawson, William ; Lee, William ; McGehee, Edward; McMichael, James ; Moffett, Thomas ; Morgan, John ; Morgan, M. ; Morris, John ; Parks, John ; Patrick, James ; Patrick, John ; Reeves, Jesse ; Reid, Nancy ; Richardson, Enoch; Robinson, John ; Slappey, John ; Smith, Abraham ; Smith, Nathan ; Stean, Burton ; Sullivan, John ; Towns, Joel ; Whatley, Gennett ; White, Joseph

Images of Will Book A (1814-1818)

Testators:Bass, Allen; Bullard, Wiley ;Bullard, William ;Bynum, Solomon ;Byron, Seymore ;Capels, John ;Cole, Rene ;Davis, Thomas ;Dennis, Jesse ;Duff, Moses ;Estes, Robert ;Greer, Aaron ;Harro?, John ;Hall, Nathaniel ;Hartsfield, Sarah ;Hill, Lawson ;Hill, Samuel ;Hodge, William ;Holloway, Samuel ;Huggins, John M. ;Jackson, Isaac ;Kelsey, George ;Lawson, Richard ;Lawson, William ;Lee, Will ;McMichel, James ;McMichel, James (same as above, darkened) ;Megehee, Edward ;Miller, John ;Mitchell, Richard ;Moffett, Thomas ;Moore, John ;Morgan, John ;Morris, John ;Owens, Stewart ;Parks, John B. ;Parrott, Henry Estate ;Patrick, James ;Patrick, John G. ;Patrick, Jonathan ;Patrick Orphans ;Reeves, Jesse ;Reeves, Samuel ;Richardson, Crock ;Right, James ;Robertson, John B. ;Robinson, John ;Rogers, Lawrence ;Sanders, Sterling ;Smith, Abraham ;Smith, Nathan ;Starr, Burton ;Stean, Burton ;Steedman (or Studman), John ;Taylor, Hampton ;Taylor, James ;Traylor, C. T. ;Traylor, Thomas ;Vardeman, William ;White, Joseph ;Wise, Patton

Will Book B (1818-1836)

Alexander, Adam ;Allen, David ;Appling, Otho H. ; Ball, Jesse ; Blount, John, orphans of ; Boram, George ; Boram, John ; Brooks, James ; Brown, Jeremiah ; Brown, Mary ; Brown, Samuel ; Bryers, Laurence ; Buis, John ; Bullard, James, Jr. ; Bullard, Jesse ; Butler, Thomas ; Byrom, John ; Callaway, John ; Cargile, Charles, Jr., orphan of John ; Cargile, Lavisey W. ; Caswell, Elijah ; Chapman, Edmond ; Churchwell ; Clements, Allen ; Clements, Peyton ; Cochran, John ; Couch, Moses ; Crain, Spencer ; Croll, James ; Deadwilder, David ; Deal, M. ; Doggett, John ; Ellis, Radford ; Emmett, William ; Evans, Benjamin ; Flournoy, Gibson ; Freeman, Timothy ; Gaston, Thomas ; Grant, Thomas ; Greenwood, Sarah E. ; Gregory, Matthew ; Grinell, James T. ; Hadley, Thomas ; Harris, John ; Hawkins, John W. ; Hays, James ; Heard, Thomas ; Hill, Isaac ; Hill, Theophilis ; Hill, William ; Hobson, John ; Holifield, Mary ; Huff, Thomas ; Jackson, John ; Jefferson, Barnaby ; Jones, Hugh ; Jones, John W. ; Kelly, Daniel ; Lasseter, Charles' Orphans ; Ledbetter, Benjamin ; Loyd, Thomas ; Lucas, John ; Mapp, Jeremiah ; McCushin, John ; McDavid, Nancy ; McDowell, Temperance ; McHenry, John ; McKleroy, William and John ; McMichael, David ; Meriwether, George A. ; Moffett, John ; Moses, John ; Moses, Joseph ; Ozborn, William ; Parkam Orphans ; Parkwood, John ; Paschal, Samuel ; Perkins, Archibald ; Perkins, Doct. A. ; Pinson, James ; Pou?, James ; Ramey, Alexander ; Ray, Solomon ; Reeves, George ; Respass, Christopher ; Sistrunk, Samuel ; Smith, Elizabeth ; Turner, John G. ; Waddell, Marshal ; Warren, Nathan ; Weathersby, Owen, John ; White, Samuel ; Willis, Jonathan ; Wise, Patten ; Wooten, Elizabeth ; Wright, George W. ; Wright, John

Images of Wills, Appraisements, Inventories, etc., Book 3 (1821 to 1823)

Testators, Estates: Darden, John ; Elliot, William ; Flowers, Edward ; Gardner, Etheldred ; Gray, Martha ; Harval, Mason ; Henderson, John ; Hodnett, Benjamin ; Johnson, Walter ; Lloyd, Edmund ; McLemore, Catherine ; McLemore, John ; McMichel, Zachariah ; Powell, Moses ; Robinson, Elizabeth ; Robinson, Thomas ; Rodgers, John ; Rodden, Abner ; Slaughter, Henry ; Smart, Francis ; Tucker, Thomas

Images of Wills, Appraisements, Inventories, etc., Book 4, 1822 to 1823

Testators: Boykin, Francis ; Compton, Pleasant ; Cole, Duke ; Dabney, Anderson; Harral, James ; Higginbotham, Joseph; Holloway, Jesse ; Johnson, William ; Lunsford, Leonard ; McDowell, William ; McLemore, Catherine ; Moseley, Henry ; Pickett, John ; Starnes, Elizabeth; Taylor, Anna ; Ware, Henry ; Williamson, Isaac; Wilson, Joseph

Images of Wills, Appraisements, Inventories, etc., Book 5, 1824 to 1833

Testators: Benton, Jeremiah ; Brewer, J. E. ; Brown, Bartlett ; Collier, John ; Daniel, Levi ; Farley, James ; Farley, John ; Goolsby, John ; Hayes, James ; Mitchell, William ; Tinsley, Lucy ; Willis, Arthur ; Willson, John;

Images of Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, Book 10, 1830 to 1839

Testators: Abbott, Ezekiel ; Adams, David ; Adams, Jonathan ; Alexander, Adam ; Alexander, James, minor ; Armstrong, William ; Banks, John ; Beasley, Robert ; Bender, John ; Boswell, Henry ; Brooks, Walker ; Buchanan, James ; Bullard, James ; Bullard, Sarah ; Cargile, John ; Case, Wiley ; Clay, Jesse ; Coats, James ; Cox, Middleton, orphans of ; Cox, Sarah ; Dean, Thomas ; Digby, John ; Egrew, William ; Estes, Catherine ; Ezell, John ; Germain, William ; Glenn, Thornton ; Goode, Jesse ; Harvey, Zephaniah ; Holifield, Wiley ; Jenkins, Francis ; Knight, James ; Ledbetter, Henry ; Lloyd, John ; Malone, Sherod ; Mays, Abner ; McDaniel, Benjamin, orphans of ; McFall, Nancy ; McMichael, David ; Miller, William ; Montgomery, Benjamin ; Montgomery, David ; Morgan, Stokely ; Morris, John ; Payne, John ; Phillips, James ; Potts, Stephen ; Pou, James ; Ramey, Absalom ; Rivers, James ; Robey, Nathan ; Robey, Williamson ; Robinson, Cornelius ; Ross, James (75 pages); Rucker, Martin ; Sale, A. ; Sharp, James ; Smith, Abraham and Sarah ; Smith, Alexander ; Smith, Eliza ; Smith, Thomas ; Stokes, William ; Sturdivant, John ; Thompson, Hannah ; Turner, John ; Waldrop, Solomon ; Walker, Moses ; Welden, Isaac ; Whitaker, Ensign ; White, William ; Wilkins, David ; Wilkins, Drury ; Wilson, Archillus ; Wilson, Elijah ; Wilson, Sarah ; Winn, Franklin ; Wisdom, Francis ; Wooten, Elizabeth

Images of Wills and Estates, Book 11, 1836 to 1844

Testators: Adams, David ; Armstrong, William; Askew, WIlliam; Banks, D. ; Breedlove, Anne ;Bruce, John ; Castleberry, Thomas; Cox, Mary ; Cox, Sarah ; Cross, John ; Doggett, Garner ; Doggett, Mary Ann ; Doggett, Nancy; Dunn, Gates Wood ; Edmondson, Matilda; Eubanks, Magers; Ezell, John; Goode, Jesse; Gross, John; Henderson, James ; Huff, Ralph; Johnson, Thomas; Jones, Reuben Sr.; King, Nancy and William; King, Richard ;Lumsden, Jeremiah; Malone, Jarrett; McClendon, Stephen ; McDaniel, George; McDaniel, Jacob ; Meriwether, George; Moreland, Francis ; Morgan, Charles ; Moss, Arabella ; Newby, John; Penn, William; Pope, Alex; Pou, James ; Ratcliff, Moses ; Reid, Samuel; Robertson, Cornelius; Robey, Elizer Jane; Roby, Milledge ; Ross, James; Russell, Charles ; Russel, Charles T. ; Stokes, Ignatius; Traylor, William H. ; Traylor, William ; Tuggle, Garner ; Tuggle, Robert ; Waggoner, Hiram ; Wiggins, Wade ; Wilson, oseph A. ; Wilson, Joseph ; Willson, Joseph

Images of Wills & Estates 1837-1856

Testators: Andrews, James (Orphans0; Baldwin, Andrew
  • Barber, Joseph; Belcher, Green Berry ; Boswell, Elizabeth; Boswell, William; Boswell, Williamson; Brooks, W. L., minor ; Bryers, Alfred ; Cargile, Joseph; Clay, Hezekiah ; Crain, Elizabeth; Crawford, Samuel ; Dodson, Elijah; Duncan, Thomas; Folds, James ; Gaston minors; Goolsby, James B.; Hairston, Thomas; Hancock, William; Horton, Joseph; Johnson, James; Johnston, Francis; Johnston, William; Jones, William Sr.; Knight, John ; Lawson, Mary ; Lewis, James ; Mason, Mabel ; McClendon, Joel ; McDowell, Mary Ann; McKennie, James; Minter, Richard; Morgan, Ada ; Morgan Orphans; Morgan, Luke J. ; Paten, Anthony; Peeler, Anthony; Peeler, Edna ; Peeler, Samuel; Penn, William; Roby, Williamson B.; Saunders, Ephraim; Sisson, Edward S.; Slaughter, John B.; Tuggle, Rebecca; Waits, Alphonso; Waits, Benjamin; Walton, Bluford; Ware, Joseph D. ; Weldon, Andrew ; Wellborn, William T.; Wood, John ; Willson?, Elijah, orphan of Joseph Wilson ; Wise, James ; Wright, George W. ;Wright, John ;Young, George


    • Book A (1808-1820).
    • Book B (1811-1841).

    Miscellaneous Wills & Estates

    • Holland, G. W., original papers, estate (image)
    • Holland, Henry Holland, original papers, estate (image)
    • Holland, James W. Holland, original papers, estate (image)
    • Holland, Jonas, original papers, estate (image)
    • Holland, Lawson S., original papers, estate (image)
    • Holland, Lewis C., original papers, estate (image)
    • Holland, L. P., original papers, estate (image)
    • Holland, Margaret, original papers, estate (image)
    • Holland, William T. Holland, original papers, estate (image)
    • Langham, James, LWT (1823) (Image)

    Traced Genealogies:
    Jasper County Families

    • Burks
    • Cornwell
    • Freeman
    • Grant
    • Hill
    • Lynch
    • McMichael
    • Morgan
    • Preston
    • Reeves
    • Spearman