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Hart County Genealogy Records Available to Members


  • Index to Licenses 1854-1869
  • Index to Licenses 1854=1869

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Indexes to Wills (1847-1894)
  • Inventories, Book B (1862-1890)
  • Annual Returns, Inventories, Sales, Estates, 1859-1863
  • Annual Returns, Inventories, Sales, Estates, 1866-1872
  • Annual Returns, Inventories, Sales, Estates, 1872-1883

Online Images of Hart County Wills (1862-1866)

Note: All of the images in Will Book A were not included because they were too faded to read. Testators: Barr, William;; Black, Robert; Bobo, Burrell; Bowen, Thomas; Bowers, William; Brewer, John; Bruce, Robert; Carnes, Halaway; Carnes, Wells; Clark, John; Cunningham, Franklin; Cunningham, Joseph; Dickinson, John; Dooly, William; Durkey, Malinda; Fleming, Peter; Gaines, William; Goss, Amos; Hendrick, Jesse; Hickman, Middleton; Holland, Thomas; McCurry, John; McMullers, William; Misch, John; Pinson, Sterling; Ray, Thomas; Rice, Francis; Shiflet, John; Smith, Jessie; Teasley, Braly; Tyner, Tollman; Walden, William; White, Essie or Eppy.

The 1799 Pilgrimage of Shoal Creek Church

Tugaloo River Rev. Thomas Gilbert was the moderator of the Sarepta Association and a very aged man at the meeting of Falling Creek in 1804. Rev. Gilbert was ved from Perquimans County, North Carolina to Franklin County, Georgia and it is said that at one time he owned 100,000 acres of land in North Georgia and Tennessee. He was the first to go to Louisville, Georgia to frame the Constitution for the State of Georgia and he was past the age of 90 years when he died in Hartwell, Georgia on the summit of a beautiful hill overlooking the verdant valley and limpid stream of the Tugaloo River.

17th century shoes

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Finding Marriage Records in Georgia

The best resources for locating marriage records are found at (1) the county courthousenewspapers and (3) bible records. Georgia Pioneers has all three collections. Marriages Records on Georgia Pioneers

Will you Take your Genealogy to Mars?

Space X There is talk of preparations to establish colonies on Mars as billions of US dollars go to fund the Space-X project of Elon Musk. Musk predicts a permanent base on Mars by the year 2028. The plan is that before that year, robots will be transported to Mars to construct communities. Going to Mars is no longer science-fiction. So, I ask you this question. " If you should go, would you personally take the records of your family and ancestors?" " and, what if you do not and the records of Earth families are forever lost?" It is interesting to note the keen interest of so many people in finding theirestors. When I was growing up, the Internet was unknown. But the Internet is a mechanical process subjected to hackers from foreign countries and some serious privacy issues yet unsettled. Data gets lost, sold, re-tabulated, and used for nefarious purposes. Tomorrow, the Internet could be gone. We have already lost many irretrievable records due to natural disasters and wars. Thus, the projection of our own descendants ending up on Mars is not too far-fetched. And, it may be that the memory of the human family on Earth would lay in the hands of a few people who trace their genealogy and privately preserve information. Think about it.

Discover the Past in a Special Way

At some point in just about everyone's life, they wish that they had listened to their parents or grandparents. In later life, the yearning to know more about ourselves and those who came before us seems to accelerate. Everyone has uniquely interesting ancestors who played special roles in our history. Their stories are worth passing down to the children. As one who has traced many of my own families back to William the Conqueror, there are wonders to behold! The pedigree chart doubles in names with each passing generation and our eyes are opened to realize that we are connected to some of the most prominent players in historical events.


Names of Families in Hart County Genealogy Records; Wills, Estates, Marriages

Lavonia, Georgia Hartwell, Georgia is near Lake Hartwell, near the South Carolina border of Anderson County. Originally, this area was a series of creeks and branches, however, was flooded to create Lake Hartwell. Therefore, genealogists seeking Georgia ancestors in this vicinity need to keep this in mind and research all of the surrounding counties as well as the bordering counties of South Carolina. Hart County was created from Elbert and Fannin Counties in 1853. When researching this county, also search the records in Jackson, Franklin, and Elbert Counties. Early Settlers: Joe Buffington, John Bowers, D. S. P. Caldwell, R. A. Cobb, George Cauthon, Joseph Ellis, Moses Davis, N. A. Fleetwood, B. S. Higginbotham, John Johnson, Joseph Jackson, William Maxwell, Wyatt McMillan, B. B. Parker, James Reid, Thomas Sanders, Reubin Tyler, John G. Watson, and Thomas C. H. White.

Irishman Came A Long Way to be a Private in the American Revolutionary War

John McMullen was born in Dublin, Ireland ca 1740,and migrated to Virginia. At the time of the Revolutionary War, he was a resident of Swift Run Gap in the Blue Ridge Mountains. He sold his land in Virginia in 1797 and removed it to Elbert County, Georgia. He died on Big Cedar Creek in Hart County in 1817. During the war, he served in the 11th Virginia Regiment of Foot under Colonel Daniel Morgan.