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Hancock County Probate Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

  • Hancock Wills 1804-1814 (abstracts)

Online Images of Wills, Inventories, Returns, Guardianships, Sales, etc. Book G 1811 to 1815

Testators: Adams, Isaac, Andrews, Milly, Battle, Benjamin, Bonner, Richard, Bordon, Benjamin, Brown, Aaron, Bullock, William, Byrum, Henry, Cadenhead, Thomas, Chambers, John, Dunn, Drury, Echols, Frederick, Elliot, Isaac, Ellis, Isaac, Flournoy, Gipson, Frazer, John, Furguson, Henry, Hart, William, Harvey, Sarah, Harwell, Mason, Hedge, Jeremiah, Howard, Joseph, Hutchinson, William, Leneaves, Samuel, McLemore, James, Moore, Jonathan, Picket, Halbert, Robertson, Nathaniel, Rutland, Martha, Sasnett, Richard, Smith, Nehemiah, Tatum, Nathaniel, Tison, Job, Turk, Theodocius

Online Images of Wills, Inventories, Returns, Guardianships, Sales, etc. Book H 1811 to 1815

Testators: Alford, James, Allen, Freeman, Allen, Harris, Andrews, Gray, Barnes, William, Breedlove, William, Buckner, Joel, Camp, Cloudsley, Chambers, Robert, Chandler, William, Danielly, James, Davis, Owen, Dent, William, Doughty, E., Duggar, Sampson, Evans, Stephen, Furguson, Henry, Gilbert, Thomas, Grant, Charles, Griffis, William, Grigg, Jesse, Hall, Hugh, Hall, Samuel, Capt., Hamilton, William, Harton, William, Humphrey, Willie, Jernigan, Needham, Johnston, Jacob, Langford, Euclid, Lewis, Gale, Lucas, James, Martin, Archibald, McCulluh, John, Medlock, George, Mershon, Enos, Morgan, Ellington, Peek, John, Read, Benjamin, Ross, Francis, Sallard, William, Ship, Frances, Ship, Richard, Simmons, Benjamin Sr., Smith, Nehemiah, Smith, William, Tait, Robert, Thweatt, James, Vickers, Thomas, Wallace, William, Webb, Francis, Welch, John

Images of Wills, Inventories, Returns, Guardianships, Sales, etc. Book I 1815 to 1818

Testators: Alford, Kinchen, Barnes, William, Bonner, Alexander, Boswell, Charity, Bynum, Byre, Daniell, James, Dennis, Daniel, Duke, Buckner, Easter, James, Evans, Stephen, Ezell, Jesse, Fort, Arthur, Foster, Philemon, Harrison, James, Harwell, Isham, Holsey, James, Johnson, John, Lassiter, Willis, Lewis, Sterling, Nolley, Richmond, Parham, Robert, Peek, John C., Sr., Peterson, John, Pike, Joseph, Pritchet, Philip, Rabun, John, Roe, Sarah, Ross, Francis, Sanders, Mark, Saunders, William, Simms, Robert, Stonum, Bryan, Thorp, Joseph, Thweatt, James, Tyres, Joshua, Wallace, John Sr., Waller, James

Online Images of Wills and Estates, includes Annual Returns, Inventories, Guardianships, Vouchers, Book J, 1818 to 1824

Testators: Andrews, Warren , Bosworth, Roderick, Burch, John, Byrom, Henry, Chandler, William , Clayton, Easter , Duckworth, Jacob, Eubanks, Thomas , Fort, Matthew , Gindratt, Henry, Griggs, William Sr., Hamilton, John , Hamilton, William, Holsey, James , Johnson, Nehemiah D., Kelly, John , Lenoir, Lewis, Lewis, Sterling, Lundy, Henry , Mathis, Charles, McAllister, David, Medlock, George , Michael, John , Moon, Susannah, Murphy, William , Pritchett, Joseph , Rabun, Matthew , Rucker, Littleberry, Saunders, William , Skinner, Oliver , Tyus, John , Waller, Nathaniel, West, Ephraim , Wiley, Isaac H. , Williamson, Elizabeth, Wing, William E.

Online Images of Hancock County Wills,Book L, 1820 to 1828

Testators: Barnes, Elizabeth;Bledsoe, Gilmore;Brown, William F.;Cannon, Eunice;Colquitt, Henry;Harris, Nelson;Kilgore, John;Lovett, Richard;Maddox, Samuel;Morrism Nathan;Pope, Jesse;Smith, Ezekiel;Stinson, Zadock;Traywich, Robert;Womack, Sherwood

Online Images of Hancock County Will Book M, 1823 to 1828

Abercrombie, John;Alford, William Sr.;Appling, Otho;Askew, John; Berry, John;Brooking, Edward;Denson, John E.;Dent, Peter;Grammer Peter;Graybill, Henry;Griffis, Dempsey;Griggs, John;Harris, Absalom;Henderson, John;Huff, James;Lucas, Joshua;McClellan, William;Miller, Charles;Miller, William;Peek, Henry;Ray, William;Reese, James;Sanders, Nathan;Simmons, Sarah;Taylor, Hugh;Temple, Nancy;Wright, Abednego

Online Images of Hancock County Wills, Book N, 1831-1834 - Not enough space to add names here

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Wills 1862 to 1881
  • General Estate Index
  • Divisions of Estates, Bk U, 1880-1958
  • Estate Sales 1863-1957
  • Guardian and Administrator Bonds 1856-1909
  • Guardian Returns, Vol. 3, 1895-1903
  • Letters of Guardianship/Administration 1860-1881
  • Letters of Guardianship/Administration 1882-1922

    Images and Transcripts of Miscellaneous Wills

    • Butler, Edmond LWT (1801)
    • Danielly, Arthur, deed (digital image)
    • Danielly, John, deed (digital image)
    • Harris, Absalom, LWT (1818), transcription
    • Holland, Benjamin, deed (digital image)
    • Rudisell, Henry, LWT (1807), transcription
    • Rudisell, John, LWT (1850), transcription
    • Rudisell, John, LWT (1804), transcription


    • 1808-1816; 1810-1823; 1823-1836; 1836=1852; 1851-1860; 1860-1866
    • Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886

    Military Records

    • 1863 Georgia Militia

    Tax Digests

  • 1796

Images of Deeds

  • 1793-1798


  • Origins of Early Settlers

Traced Genealogies of Hancock County Families

  • Aaron
  • Abercrombie
  • Austin
  • Bass
  • Battle
  • Chappell
  • Coffee/Coffey
  • Devereaux
  • Dickson
  • Gay
  • Hall
  • Hearn
  • Miller
  • Parker
  • Pike
  • Ross
  • Simms
  • Waller

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Hugh Hall, Irish Emigrant

Wilderness Road Hugh Hall, an emigrant from Ireland, cast his lot into the service of the American Revolutionary War. As was typical of the process, he no doubt embarked from County Antrim, Ireland and entered the port in Philadelphia, settling for a time in Berks County with the other Irishmen before moving on. After marrying in Pennsylvania, he apparently removed into North Carolina where he enlisted and served as Private on the North Carolina Line. The estate of Hugh Hall was discovered in Hancock County, Georgia. On September 2, 1811, Francis Lewis and Dixon Hall Sr. were appointed administrators of the estate of Hugh Hall in Eatonton. From the inventory of the estate, it would appear that Hugh Hall had found success in America as a planter first owning land in Wilkes County, 287-1/2 acres on Richland Creek. This acreage was a land grant for his service during the war. How to Find the Parents of Immigrants Origins of Some Early Settlers to Effingham County James Alexander Reid, Brave Irishman of Kenmore The Origins of Most Americans The Migratory Trail into Hall County How the Ancestors Settled Alabama 1799 Pilgrimage to Shoal Creek Church The Trail of Georgians into Alabama Families who Settled Midway Norwegians in Georgia Puritans to Midway The Children or Pride (book) Settlers from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia The First White Settler to Macon County McIntosh County was Settled by Highlanders Scotch-Irish Settlers Gave us Linen Georgians who went to Alabama John Hardman The Movement West from Eastern Georgia

Captain Andrew Danielly

A Court of Inquiry was convened on the 14th Regiment Militia in Hancock County in 1822 and certain soldiers holding the rank of private in a Company of Dragoons under Captain Andrew Danielly were returned and called as delinqents for failing to appear at a Regimental Muster held in Sparta. Named were Dixon Hall, Nathaniel Adams and Singleton Franklin, who were all fined $2.00. As there is very little information about Andrew Danielly, this information was recorded in the Hancock Minutes of the Court. The Minutes are very important to discovering details which lead to further clues, and no genealogist should overlook these records. When Local Militia Protected Communities Clues into Military Names and Ranks: Clinch Militia of 1861 Protected by the Militia The Militia Won the Backwoods During the Revolutionary War Protected by the Militia They Fought Guerrilla Warfare Battle of Bloody Marsh

Granite Hill Plantation

Granite Hill Plantation The Granite Hill plantation was owned by Andrew Jackson Lane in the 1850s. The grounds consisted of 2200 acres and 22 structures. When the granite smoke house (visible behind the main house) became the last surviving structure of the plantation, the main house was moved to Macon in 1968, and was destroyed by a fire very soon thereafter. Eudora Plantations Old Fairfield Plantation Ockstead and Bathurst Plantations When Families Left the Plantation Fitzgerald Plantation. How Quickly the Past is Swept Away White Hall Plantation The Plantation Journal of Seaborn Hawks Jarrell Plantation Davis Smith Plantation Meadow Garden, Home of George Walton Berckman Plantation in Augusta

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Online Images of Old Wills and Estates

Families in Hancock County, Georgia Wills and Estates

Powelton Baptist Church Genealogists should research Hancock and Elbert Counties for families who settled together and inter-married. The scanned images of Wills and Estates not previously indexed (and thus ignored by most researchers) have been properly indicated and may be viewed by simply clicking on the link. If you did not previously have the time to search every page, it would be wise to use this site to find your lost generations of ancestors. Hancock was created in 1793 from Greene and Washington Counties, Hancock County. The county borders Baldwin, Glascock, Greene, Putnam (Oconee River), Taliaferro, Washington and Warren (Ogeechee River), It was named after John Hancock, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Sparta is the county seat. Early settlers were General H. Mitchell, Bolling Hall, Charles Abercrombie, General Adams, Henry Graybill, Joseph Bryan, William Rees, Jonathan Adams, John Montgomery, Jacob Dennis, Archibald Smith, T. Holt, Thomas Raines, James Bishop, Isham Rees, M. Martin, R. Clarke, R. Shipp, F. Tucker, L. Barnes, W. Wyley, William Saunders, James Thomas, Jesse Pope, Jonas Shivers, William Hardwick, L. Tatum, Robert Moreland and William Pentecost. Hancock County should always be researched with Greene. The Hancock County Wills and Estates (inventories, annual returns, guardianships, vouchers, sales, etc.) were bound together in the same volumes for specific time periods. The records contain a great detal of probate information about the possessions of the deceased as well as how their estates were distributed to the heirs. Such details are of my interest to the genealogist assembling family puzzles. No index is included in any volume and I have never seen any published. Therefore, scanning these images helps the researcher find ancestors otherwise unknown and provide a great new resource to all genealogists.

The Battle of Cold Harbor

Battle of Cold Harbor John Marshall, a native of Virginia, settled settled in Hancock County, Georgia the early part of the 19th century. He was a Primitive Baptist preacher and a soldier in the war of 1812. His son, John Marshall, enlisted in the War Between the States, engaged in some hard-fought bloody battles, viz: Seven Pines, Cold Harbor, Chancellorsville, James Island, Ocean Pond, Weldon, Kurston and Bentonville. He was severely wounded in the battle of Cold Harbor, was in the hospital two months but spent three months at home recovering before returning to the army. He was again wounded at the Battle of Bentonville. When the war ended he resumed farming, and bought his first land, a small farm in 1867, to which he has added. Ref: Memoirs of Georgia, Vol. I. Protecting Georgia During the War of 1812 Why the War of 1812 is Rarely Discussed Prices of Commodies Jumped During War of 1812 The Blackshear Trail The War of 1812 in Georgia The Role Georgia Military Forts Played During War of 1812

Sparta, Georgia

Sparta, Georgia

Glen Mary Plantation