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Tunnel Hill, Georgia

Tunnel Hill Atlanta Campaign. During 1864 when General Sherman came scourged through Georgia, his troops briefly captured this tunnel which runs through the Chattanooga Ridge. Today, an old stone stone storage house sits beside the route of the Western Atlantic railway at Tunnel Hill.

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Whitfield County Wills and Estates

Whitfield CountyFounded in 1851, Whitfield county was named after one of the first Georgia colonists, George Whitefield, a minister in the Church of England.

Whitfield County Genealogy Resources Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers Indexes to Probate Records
  • Will Book A (1852-1960).
  • Annual Returns, Vouchers, Sales, Book B (1852-1860).
  • Annual Returns, Vouchers, Sales, Book E (1869-1885)
Images of Whitfield County Wills (1843-1854)

Testators: James Anderson, John Brown, Hugh Burk, George Chappell, Williams Crook, George Deck, Ezra Green, Valentine Harlan, George Harris, John Henton, Martha Maner, John McCutchen, John McGee, John Pitner, Isaac Roberts, William Sloan, Seaborn Spann, John Stancil, James Tate, Margaret Wilch, Thomas Wilie. Wilie, Thomas.


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