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Scotch-Irish Settlers Gave us Linen Cloth

spinning wheel The Trustees gave the first settlers to Georgia an inventory of two woollen dressed to wear in the colony. Soon after the first emigrants, the Trustee's Garden in Savannah was established with its main focus upon raising the silk worm. The settlers were given land grants and 500 plants of mulberry cuttings. Although the quality of the silk was favorably compared with the Chinese and samples taken to King George of England, the settlers had such a poor start that they went to raising cattle instead. Thus, the venture failed. However, the Scottish settlers who settled Darien raised hemp and wove that into a fine linen cloth, much more desirable than woollen. As time went by and cotton was a popular crop, women spun the cotton balls into thread and this product clothed the families.

The Story of Harris Neck

Harris Neck

A lovely bird sanctuary exists on the old plantation of William Thomas Harris (Harris Neck, McIntosh County, Georgia). The site was first known as Dickensons Neck on the South Newport River. After Oglethorpe left Fort Frederica and the settlers lost their economy in that town, Harris acquired a land grant and removed his family to the new plantation. The father, William Harris came to Georgia with General Oglethorpe ca 1733/4 and was granted lots in Savannah and Ft. Frederica. A study of the colonial records indicate that he was dead in 1737, leaving a widow and small child. The widow (Anne) and her mother (Anna Coles) established a mercantile store in Frederica which was located on Broad Street very near to the fort. The widow remarried and people began moving away from the fort. When William Thomas Harris came of age, he took up the land grant on the South Newport River.
Harris Neck is one of the most beautiful bird sanctuaries in the world. Harris genealogy is traced on Georgia Pioneers

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McIntosh County Families

Brailsford Butler Hopkins McIntosh

Sons of Liberty in McIntosh County

Sons of Liberty Joseph Woodruff was born near London in 1735 and died in Darien, Georgia ca 1799. In 1770 he petitioned for a land grant in St. Andrews Parish and afterwards was an outstanding Son of Liberty and Member of the Council of Safety in Savannah. The Sons of Liberty was an organization of the original thirteen American. Actually, at the time that it was formed it was a secret society designed to protect the rights of the colonists and to fight taxation by the British government. It was this organization which played a major role in the process of putting aside the Stamp Act in 1765.

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Darien, Georgia Darien, Georgia

McIntosh County Court House

McIntosh County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Cemeteries, Land Grants, City Directories

McIntosh County It was during January of 1736 that the first group of immigrants arrived in the British Colony of Georgia to settle along the Altamaha River in a town christened New Inverness after their home in the Isle of Skye later called Darien. On 19 December 1793, the county of McIntosh was formally created from parts of Liberty, and was named in honor of one of the early immigrant families, the John Mohr MacIntosh, Chieftan. The early records were burned by General Sherman, and do not begin until ca 1848.

McIntosh County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

Digital Images of McIntosh County McIntosh Wills 1848-1915

This is the oldest Will Book for McIntosh County. General Sherman destroyed all of the earlier records. Most of these wills were submitted for probate during the early 1870s.

Testators: Atkinson, George; Atkinson, Phebe; Clark, James M.; Clark, Julia H.;Coglan, Mollie; Cooke, William; Cordone, Frank; Daily, Georgia; Dunham, John; Faries, Ann Francis; Gignilliat, Robert; Handy, Jacob;Hawes, Dysander; Hilton, Thomas; Holmes, Lee; Hopkins, H.;Jackson, Hamilton;Johnson, William; Konetyko, William;Lassence, M.;McDonald, William; McIntosh, Lachlan; Miller, Rosanna; Morison, George S.;Morris, Richard L.; Patterson, Jane; Pease, T. P.; Pullen, Charlotte; Riley, William; Rostic, David;Ryals, Jabez D.;Ryals, Ruth; Sams, Lewis;Schenk, William; Sims, Lewis E. P.;Spalding, Queer; Spaulding, Thomas;Stewart, Andrew; Strain, Adam; Thomas, William Madison;Todd, Henry; Todd, Mary Ann; Tyson, Anna R.; Wallace, Martha D.;Wallace, William J.; Wilson, Samuel W.; Wilson, W. A.;Young, James M.

Digital images of McIntosh County Estates 1887-1914

This are the oldest Estate Records available for McIntosh County. General Sherman destroyed all of the earlier records. Testators: Bromley, Theodore C.;Brown, John;Burrel, John H.;Christopher, Johann; Clark, Julia;Clark, Mary;Davis, Irvin;Dean, James;Delegal, Hamilton; Dunham, John;Faries, Ann Francis;Fennell, C. E.;Gronovald, R. T.; Hawes, Lysander; Holmes, James;Holmes, Lee;Holmes, Susan; Hunter, James;Hopkins, H.;Jackson, Janne;Jossley, John D.; Long, George W.; Malcolm, John;McDonald, Elisha;Moye, C. B.; Muller, John;O'Brien, James; Parnell, Frank;Payne, W. H.; Pinkney, Emma;Poppell, E. R.; Ryals, Jabez D.;Reid, Cato; Sinclair, E. C., Mrs.; Singleton, Richmond;Thompson, M. B.; Thorpe, Josiah;Todd, Mary Ann;Townsend, Joseph E.;Walker, Joseph A.; Wilcox, John D.;Wing, D. B.; Wooten, F. M.;Wylly, Sarah

  • Darien. Earliest Settlers.
Land Records
  • Darien Land Grants.
  • Darien 1871 Coast Survey Chart.
Tax Digests
  • McIntosh County 1862 Tax Digest.
  • Map of Sapelo Island.
City Directories
  • 1892 Darien City Directory.
  • McIntosh County Cemeteries.
  • McIntosh County Cemetery Locator.
McIntosh County Colonial Records
  • 1738 Petition of Darien.
  • Darien Town Plot.
  • 1776 Map of McIntosh County .
  • Fort King George near Darien.
  • Saw Mills in Darien.
  • 1735-1743 Residents of Darien.
  • Bailiff Officers of Darien.
  • Darien Town Constables.
  • Darien Town Merchants.
  • Overseers of Servants, Darien.


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