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Dublin, Georgia Laurens County was created in 1807 from an Act of the General Assembly and was named for Laurens of Revolutionary fame, a native of South Carolina of Huguenot ancestry, an aide to General Washington. The first county seat was Sumpterville, later Dublin. The first grand jururs were: Benjamin Adams, Benjamin Brown, William Boykin, Robert Daniel, Joseph Denson, Benjamin Dorsey, Simon Fowler, Henry Fulgham, John Gilbert, Thomas Gilbert, Leonard Green, Edward Hagan, Andrew Hampton, Charles Higdon, Mark May, Gideon Mays, George Martin, William McCall, Charles Stringer, John Speight, James Sartin, Jesse Stephens, Samuel Stanley, Samuel Sparks, George Tarvin, Joseph Vickers, Jesse Wigins, Nathan Weaver, David Watson, Joseph Yarbrough. Research Baldwin and Wilkinson Counties.

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General David Blackshear in the War of 1812
By Jeannette Holland Austin
Jeannette Holland Austin
When the War with the Creeks occurred, Blackshear was already famous for his service in the Revolutionary War, particularly the battle of Moores Creek Bridge won by the patriots. After the war, he removed to Georgia from North Carolina to become a surveyor. His home was located on the outskirts of Dublin, Georgia at a place called Springfield Plantation. In 1799 he was appointed the Brigadier General of the State Militia. General David Blackshear was in charge of building a string of forts along the western frontier of Georgia to protect settlers from Indian attacks by the Creek Tribes and was charged with the construction of roads, forts and a ferry for the purpose of expediting the movement of troops.

John Coney (of Montgomery County, Georgia) enlisted in the war as a private in Dublin under the command of General Blackshear during 1812 and was discharged there in 1815. Therefore, in order to follow the movements of Coney in the War, it is necessary to follow those he served with. One, Captain John Thomas, 3rd Regiment, Georgia Militia and General Blackshear. Source: Southern Recorder, Milledgeville, Georgia. Tuesday, July 11, 1837.

Blackshear Trail

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