Georgia Pioneers

Doughtery County Wills and Estates

Magnolia Plantation Dougherty County was created in 1853 from Baker County.

Doughtery County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

Images of Dougherty County Wills 1854 to 1866
Testators: Alexander, John; Bateman, John;Brinson, Adam; Brinson, Mary;Brinson, Matthew;Brisbane, Robert;Collier, George; Dickenson, R. D.;Ely, Sarah;Faircloth, Reddin;Forehand, Sarah; Freeman, Thomas;Gilbert, John;Harris, Addison;Johnson, Thomas; Mallory, Mary;McCollum, Thomas;McWhitehead, Richard;oore, Edward; Pace, Davis;Robinson, John;Ryals, Martha;Scarborough, John;Solomon, James;Stevens, Seth;Sunday, Robert;Tarver, Paul; Tarver, William;Vason, Rebecca
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Radium Springs, a Georgia Natural Wonder
By Jeannette Holland Austin
Jeannette Holland Austin
Radium Springs, located on the outskirts of Georgia, is a natural springs in Georgia and contains traces of radium.

Radium Springs

Map of Dougherty County

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Dougherty County
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