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Index to Chatham County Will Book I (1827-1840)

Autry, Margaret
Bain, Sarah Ann
Bandy, William
Barfield, Josiah
Barnard, John W.
Barnard, William
Bell, Eleanor F.
Bevan, Joseph V.
Bond, Ann
Bourquin, David
Bourquin, Mary
Brooks, Sarah
Brown, George
Brown, Harriet T.
Clark, Samuel
Cook, Martha
Cunningham, Michael
Davies, William
Delegal, Edward
Delamotte, Sarah
Dubesque, Jean Baptiste
Dunn, William
Early, Jane M.
Fowlar, James
Garrar?, Dorcas M.
Green, Stephen C.
Greene, Harmon D.
Hall, Joseph
Harbert, Joseph B.
Harris, Charles
Holmes, Elizabeth
Isaac, Robert
Johnson, James
Kary?, H. M.
Kollock, Mehetabel, widow
Marshall, William
McNiel, Diana, widow of Daniel
McVean, John
Mougin, David
Nichols, Abraham
Norris, Sarah Hill, wife of James B.
Norton, William
Pendergast, Patrick
Penfield, Elizabeth Lucretia
Pidge, David
Pope, William
Russell, Jane M.
Scott, William C.
Shad, Solomon
Shaffer, Hannah
Sheftall, Esther
Sheftall, Moses
Smith, Frances Sophie
Storm, John (Major)
Strother, Abram
Tattnall, Edward
Telfair, Alexander
Telfair, Sarah
Timothy, David
Tippen, James Josiah
Varn, Benjamin
Waring, Jacob
Waters, Sarah
Wells, Andrew
Whitfield, John
Wightman, William
Wilkins, Martha
Wilkins, Pam
Wilson, Benjamin
Wood, Ezekiel

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