American Pioneer Series
By Jeannette Holland Austin

Patton of Ireland By Jeannette Holland Austin

Henry Patton was born ca 1660 in Dundee, Scotland, died ca 1743; was married to Sarah Lynn-Kilmacrenan, a daughter of David Lynn, Laird of Loch Lynn, Scotland. Children: Matthew, Thomas, Henry, David, Benjamin, Hugh, Richard, Robert Patton(born 1685 in Donegal, Ireland), James (born ca 1692 in Derry, Province of Ulster); Elizabeth (born ca 1695 in Derry). Henry Patton was the son of Henry Patton, Sr. of Dundee Ref: Journey to the Cumberlands;;, Compact Disc #10 Pin #35225.
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Bachlott, John Rudolph, son of Richard and Emily (Rudolph) Bachlott, was born in St. Mary's, Ga. (Camden Co.) on 12 Feb 1860 where he later became a merchant. His grandfather was John Bachlott, a large slaveholder and planter who also operated a large tannery. His father was a carpenter and steamboat captain before the War Between the States. Source: Memoirs of Georgia (1895), Camden Co. Sketches.

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