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By Jeannette Holland Austin

John Graham Esq. of GeorgiaBy Jeannette Holland Austin

On August 19, 1783, the Assembly of the State of Georgia passed an Act of Attainder, Banishments and Confistication that confiscated the property of all known Loyalists and banished them from the state. Most Loyalists fled to the British province of East Florida and from there to England. Some of them went to the British occupied islands in the Caribbean, primarily the Bahamas. Notice of the Act was published in the Georgia Gazette and listed 225 names. The list included the last Royal Governor of Georgia, Sir James Wright, Lt. Gov. John Graham, and members of their council along with all other officials of the displaced government. Graham owned Mulberry Grove, a Savannah plantation having over 25,000 acres. In early Colonial days mulberry trees were cultivated on Mulberry Grove for use in Georgia`s silk industry. Later it became one of the leading rice plantations of Georgia. At the end of the Revolution the confiscated plantation was granted by the State of Georgia to major General Nathanael Greene was a reward for his military services.A slave inventory belonging to Loyalists John Graham, Esq. was discovered in the Great Britain Public Record Office (1774-1787) and lists some 254 names. A photocopy of it is available to members of, in the Chatham County Records. Also, a sketch of Hon. Graham is available under Colonial Records, Biographical Sketches. Members of Georgia Pioneers can view a full biography of the Colonial Graham family
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Bachlott, John Rudolph, son of Richard and Emily (Rudolph) Bachlott, was born in St. Mary's, Ga. (Camden Co.) on 12 Feb 1860 where he later became a merchant. His grandfather was John Bachlott, a large slaveholder and planter who also operated a large tannery. His father was a carpenter and steamboat captain before the War Between the States. Source: Memoirs of Georgia (1895), Camden Co. Sketches.

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