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American Pioneer Series
By Jeannette Holland Austin

Buffington of Virginia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and GeorgiaBy Jeannette Holland Austin

The Buffington and Few Families intermarried and were well-known in Pennsylvania. Joseph Buffington, the son of Richard and Phoebe Buffington, was born 1737 in Pennsylvania and died 1796 in South Carolina. After Joseph's marriage to Mary Few, a daughter of Joseph and Mary Few of Pennsylvania, they removed to Chester County, Virginia where their first child was born. Later, they settled in Spartanburg County, South Carolina on Fairforest Creek.The Buffington and New Bibles are available to members of South Carolina Pioneers.Net and provides more information
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Bachlott, John Rudolph, son of Richard and Emily (Rudolph) Bachlott, was born in St. Mary's, Ga. (Camden Co.) on 12 Feb 1860 where he later became a merchant. His grandfather was John Bachlott, a large slaveholder and planter who also operated a large tannery. His father was a carpenter and steamboat captain before the War Between the States. Source: Memoirs of Georgia (1895), Camden Co. Sketches.

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